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John Bochenek, #1 qualifier

John Bochenek

Zachary Horrocks

Nick Barton blows up

B Devine

B Devine, stylee air sequence

John Lange

John Lange

John Lange

Shawn McGee not in a ideal position (he pulled it off)

Jesse Maddex

Jonathan Williams blows up

Dan Loman trying to hold it together

Kyle Coxon leads Jesse Maddex as Josh Anderson gets loose

John Bochenek leads Dan Loman and Liam Bailey

John Lange out in front as Christopher Stiffler gets upside down

Jesse Maddex out in front of Kyle Coxon, John Lange and John Bochenek (Men's Super final)

Kyle Coxon and John Bochenek

John Bochenek out in front as he wins the men's final

Shannon Rahlves